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That you may with one mind and one mouth glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Romans 15:6

Discover how you can get connected to the ministry at our church. Our desire is that all become active participants in the advancement of the Kingdom of God. The Lord has gifted you with talents, abilities, and with a calling to serve—and we're here to cultivate that.

Our Ministries

At Powerhouse Christian Center we believe that ministry is to meet a need and to have a purpose. Our purpose for the ministries we currently have is to impact people with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ right where they are. (Matthew 9:35)

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Men's Ministry

For Men — Ages 21+

It is our mission to help men assume their spiritual role, experience growth, healing and wholeness by building a relationship with Jesus Christ. We also team together to sharpen each other in the Word of God to assume our biblical mandate as leaders in our home, church, and workplace. Further we set our sights on reaching others to pursue the very same lifelong endeavor, to increase our thirst and commitment toward Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Connect - Mens

Women's Ministry


For Women — Ages 21+

Our groups of women are from different generations, backgrounds, cultures and have all had different life experiences. But we all share one thing in common, confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit is to be filled with Christ. We come together through weekly bible studies, special events and women’s gatherings. We thank you for inquiring about our Women’s Ministry. We joyfully invite you to join us.

Connect - Womens

Young Adults Ministry

Powerhouse has the privilege to lead Chi Alpha, an on-campus ministry where young adults are developed and mentored to fulfill their God given purpose in life. Each week small group and prayer meetings are held at Montclair State University, the second largest college campus in New Jersey. We are committed to developing successful future leaders whom will shine for Jesus Christ in every area of life.

Discussing Books
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Youth Ministry


For Teens — Ages 14-19

In today's society, our students are being challenged with constant temptations and difficult decisions like no other time in history. However, we are committed to combatting these challenges by fostering a nurturing environment centered on teaching the students how to handle today's issues and make tough decisions through solid biblical principles. Our mission is to reach the students in our area and disciple them as they walk with the Lord.

Connect - Youth

Children's Ministry

For Children — Ages 3-13

Power Hut is where kids are discipled in God's unconditional love and through His life changing Word. As with the adults that attend a Powerhouse worship service or bible study, kids are being equipped and challenged to grow closer to Jesus. We believe a soul is a soul no matter how big or small! Our mission is to impact this generation so they can do the same for the next. Power Hut is where kids discover God, what He did for them and will do in them. Power Hut is for kids by kids!

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The Nursery

For Children — Ages 0-3 Years Old

Our Nursery room is located in the back of our sanctuary. It was originally built to be a resource to young and growing families. So while there is a safe space for the toddler or infant to receive care the adults can still be connected to the service. It is even equipped with its own private bathroom for the convenience of the parent and comfort of your child. Our desire is that there is a place for all to come and receive. 

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Additional Ministries

For Varying Ages

We also have additional ministries that are created to involve and foster other talents that we, as a congregation, may have sitting in our seats. We believe that we have a calling before God to help cultivate disciple and raise up people in the Lord. Those in the fellowship who desire to express their devotion for the Lord through song, dance and other biblical forms of praise. We do not view these ministries as a form of Christian entertainment. But an artistic expression of the creativity and glory of God. (Psalm 149:3)

— Choir Worship Ministry

— Dance Worship Ministry

— Usher Ministry

— Maintenance Ministry

— Media Ministry

Connect - Additional

Local & Global

Missionary Partnerships

At Power House Christian Center we believe we have a calling as a church to reach the world for Jesus Christ. Join us so we can answer the call together.

Connect - Missionary Partnerships
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